While most people appreciate gifts, for some it is a CRUCIAL way in which they feel loved. If you hear your spouse complaining that you never buy them gifts, likely this is an indicator that one of his/her love languages is gifts. That is an important clue for you to start giving gifts in a relationship that is most important to you.

More inspiration on finally getting the love you want:

Every individual has various love languages in which they feel loved. Quality time, physical touch, words of affirmation, acts of service, and giving and receiving gifts are examples of the 5 love languages.

While some crave physical touch, others find that quality time is what hits the spot.

It’s good to know that someone whose love language is gifts will demonstrate their love by giving gifts. So if you’re someone that particularly craves physical touch, but your spouse is giving you gifts, then likely that is his/her love language. Another great clue for you 😉

If your spouse is one who “needs” gifts to feel loved and cared for it is important for you to give him/her gifts.

Even if you demonstrates love in other ways, if gifts aren’t part of the picture, there could be a feeling of lack in an otherwise good relationship.

Your gifts need not be expensive. It’s the thought behind them that is most important.

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