Can a Marriage Without Intimacy Last? Yes, And Here’s How

We’re living in a marriage without intimacy, and I’m wondering if I should just forget about it and it’s not that important? If you’re living in a marriage where you’ve had no intimacy in years, you’re not attracted to your husband/wife and you are repulsed to be intimate, you feel like your partner doesn’t want you, rejecting you, and you feel angry, you are NOT alone.

Many Couples Face Intimacy Problems But You Can Overcome It Together

marriage without intimacyThe good news is there is a way back to the loving relationship you had, despite what everyone else may be saying. It doesn’t involve placing blame, arguing about problems, losing yourself, giving up on your dreams, or making the other feel bad. There is hope for your relationship, and we have a plan to show you how to get your marriage back. It’s called Marriage Mastery, where we SHOW you how to have a great relationship using the Imago communication method and either weekend marriage workshops or a two-day intensive marriage counseling retreat.

What This Program is NOT:

  • A series of appointments in a strange office
  • Something that your spouse MUST do with you or it fails.
  • A bunch of reading that comes across like a psychology class
  • An overwhelming amount of advice that works great in theory but doesn’t work practically or soon enough.

Marriage Course No Blame No Shame Relationship Communication

How This Program Can Help with Intimacy:

This program can help bring back emotional intimacy, the secret ingredient to light that spark that you think is gone. It’s not gone, it’s just hiding under layers and years of criticism and judgement. When you learn to accept, respect, and receive your partner without blame or shame the affection and romance will follow. To accomplish this, we’ll start with the following techniques

    • a glimpse into our own marriage (conflict and all!)
    • instructional and insightful guidance
    • demonstrative, simple, step by step, and easy to follow instructions using the Imago dialogue script for productive, healthy communication
    • In a format that fits your lifestyle (audio, video, book)
    • A program showing you both gender perspectives
    • Relevant to today’s lifestyle situations and technological distractions that hurt relationships

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Marriage Mastery was created by a husband and wife team who saw their own marriage breaking down. The traditional therapies were not working. They were frustrated with every “guru” and idea that was thrown at them to “fix” their marriage (on their own without being shown how to start!). Most advice they were getting was biased towards one gender or the other – NOT HELPFUL!

On the verge of giving up hope in having the marriage they had originally dreamed about, they discovered an extraordinary process that completely illuminated their problems and opened their eyes to solutions that they had never been shown before.

  • They saw their relationship differently.
  • They saw each other differently.
  • They didn’t have a need to place blame or shame
  • The judgments and problems of the past became irrelevant
  • There was no REASON to fight or argue anymore!

They not only found themselves healing their marriage completely, they were inspired to develop their discoveries in a program where they could show others how to heal their own marriage.

This complete program by The Marriage Restoration Project is the result of an amazing process of relationship rehabilitation that turns fighting couples into loving, deeply devoted partners for life and you can see just how that happens in the program.

This program is not designed to take weeks and weeks of slow progress that you have to figure out for yourself. It has been perfected with steps that you can take right away to turn things around for you right now, and we’ll show you how to do it every step of the way.

This isn’t just for married couples either! Couples who are engaged or dating can really make their relationships better and stronger through this program. The concepts are based on relationships, not just marriages.

What’s in the Marriage Course: No Blame, No Shame Relationship Communication School?

  • Book – Read at your pace.
  • 5 Audio CDs – Listen on your favorite device.
  • 1 DVD – Watch in the comfort of your living room.
  • 1 Workbook – Work on activities that enrich the experience.
  • Free bonus CD containing:
  • Complete Audio Transcripts
  • Special Report and Relationship Style Assessment – Opposites Attract- Do they? How Understanding Your Relationship Style Will Transform Your Marriage.
  • PDF version of workbook where you can insert answers (perfect if you need a second workbook for your spouse)
  • A 1-on-1 30-Minute Private Session and enjoy unlimited email access

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Once you read our free book, you will be able to begin removing the negativity in your relationship right away. Even if you’ve had deep seated issues and problems in your relationship for decades, you will finally be able to change those patterns and enjoy a safe and loving relationship. Enter your email address below to begin learning the very tools that will get you to where you want to be-in the relationship of your dreams. There’s no risk, it’s our free gift to you, we value your privacy and all communication is confidential.

Download our book today! And then get started on the Marriage Mastery Program so that you can do it yourself from home and start recreating a marriage WITH intimacy.

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