Addiction Recovery Couples Therapy

If you are in rehabilitation or another treatment facility, addiction recovery couples therapy could be an essential component in your healing process. While addictions need to be addressed separately through a 12 step program that creates regular accountability, addiction recovery couples therapy could be helpful for the following reasons:


Why Addiction Treatment & Relationship Therapy are Best Combined

1) Stress– In order to prevent a relapse, it’s important to limit life stressors that may compel the addict to engage in the addiction. One of the biggest stressors in a person’s life is relationship stress. It is incredibly painful to be at odds with your spouse, the love of your life who is now hurting you on a routine basis. If your marriage is in shambles, it’s a good reason to feel stressed out and down in the dumps. It’s a perfect scenario to lead you back to your addiction. Effective marriage counseling can help you repair your relationship, decrease the stress, and increase the joy so you lower the odds of recidivism.


Preventing the Slippery Slope


2) Exits– Even if you don’t feel acute stress or tension in your marriage, if you feel disconnected, or unsafe to express yourself in your relationship, the next logical step is to look elsewhere to get your needs met. Your addiction is usually a go to so you can feel that temporary thrill. While in the end, it’s not worth it, it may be the only thing you can turn to that will give you the pleasure you are not finding in your marriage.


3) Support– Recovery is not easy, especially if you are going at it alone. Having your partner with you by your side to truly understand what you are going through and be a source of support is crucial. Marriage counseling will help you strengthen your relationship so it can be a refuge for you as you go through this challenging time


4) Exploring underlying issues– Addiction Recovery Couples Therapy will help you both explore underlying issues in your relationship and life in general. This will give you greater insight into what makes you tick, what pushes your button, and also why you may desire the addictive behavior.


While addiction recovery couples therapy should not be the sole modality to treat an addiction, it is a valuable tool to help improve a marriage, which will have side benefits for the addiction, as well as directly help the addiction.


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