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We want to help the world lower divorce rates! It’s why we wake up everyday and do what we do. Educating and debunking reasons for divorce, helping couples build healthy relationships and teaching effective communication are just some of what we do in our mission here at The Marriage Restoration Project.

Couples around the world have benefited from our presentations and seminars on marriage and marriage restoration. So many couples have followed up with us, letting us know that they’ve decided to stay together and not only stay together, but they are together and happy!

We want to help you transform your relationships and we want to help you build healthy relationships in an interactive and entertaining format.

You can hear us speak in a keynote address or a full-day marriage seminar. The length, content, and mix of lecture/seminar/Q&A are determined based on your group’s needs. View our One Page Media Bio Here.

Effective Communication, Help with Interpersonal Relationships, Just what we needed!

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The Following Cities/Countries have enjoyed learning effective communication for their relationships:



  • Atlanta, GA
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Columbia, MD
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Crown Heights, NY
  • Latin America
  • Manhattan, NY
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Rochester, NY
  • Silver Spring, MD


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We want to help lower divorce rates around the world so we ask you to bring us out to your community to speak with your singles, premarital/engaged couples, married couples, and clergy.

We look forward to working with you on building healthy relationships and teaching you effective communication, in your community or workplace/organization.

Contact us today to schedule at 443-570-7598.

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Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin is a relationship expert who has helped thousands of couples repair their broken marriages.

Together with his wife Rivka, he is the founder of The Marriage Restoration Project, a global initiative to help keep couples together and happy.

Rabbi Slatkin is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, a Rabbi, and a father of 5. He is an advanced Clinician in Imago Therapy.

He is also the author of The 5 Step Action Plan to a Happy & Healthy Marriage which is the introduction to Rabbi Slatkin's marriage counseling approach, with it's foundational basics, and it's short, transformational benefits.

The 5 Step Action Plan Book has been featured on CNN, NPR, Fox News, Huffington Post, and Psychology Today.

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