March 19, 2020

Fourth Day of Covid Quarantine with Family

Last night there were tears.

Tears when I saw pictures of coffins in Italy lined up, tears when I heard about young people contracting corona, tears when I heard the stock market lost all gains since Trump.

I’m not sure if they were tears of sadness or just plain tears of overwhelm. Shlomo shared some helpful articles with me about how those that perished in Italy were all elderly with pre-existing conditions and illnesses. And he told me that those young folks I had heard about dying from the virus didn’t in fact die that it was mistaken information.

Still sad regardless.

Did a little retail therapy and ordered leopard print booties. Not sure what I was thinking because it didn’t make me feel better 🙂

Today was Harder

Because I didn’t go to bed on a peaceful note, I likely woke up not in a great state. The kids were fussier today and didn’t sleep well either last night. We didn’t do any new art projects or activities beyond bike riding, screen time, and homework sent from school.

Couples in Quarantine

Marriage in QuarantineAfter seeing people post annoyances about their spouses in various Facebook groups, I decided to create a Facebook group called Facebook Group called Marriage in Quarantine: My Marriage WILL Survive Corona Virus.

I refuse to accept that all these couples in quarantine will be calling divorce attorneys after Coronavirus is over like many are “joking” about. These jokes are just not funny in my mind.

Time to Meditate

Tonight I plan on re-centering myself and will be listening to some of the meditations I created for one or two individuals. Part of the problem is that I’ve spent way too much time on my phone around bad news which makes it hard to sleep and then sets me up the next day for results that are less than positive.

I waver between feeling like this virus is out of my control and that I should surrender to the total upheaval or between feeling like I can indeed do things to control my surroundings and outcome.

Thinking of Others Brought a Smile to My Face

A bride and groom getting married this Sunday, who have been planning a beautiful wedding for a very long while can now only have 10 people at their wedding. Shlomo and the kids created an adorable video of them saying “Mazal Tov” and dancing to make them happy. It was very meaningful to think about others’ happiness and to work to make them smile.

Thinking of you,



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