If you’re looking to do some couples therapy exercises at home, the easiest thing to do is to start with sharing appreciations.

When you begin focusing on what is good in your relationship, your entire relationship dynamic will change.

More inspiration about couples therapy exercises:

Schedule a time every day so you can sit down for 5 minutes, look into each others eyes, and share what is right with your partner.

If you feel like your partner is negative, this exercise will help move them in a positive direction.

As you begin to look for what’s right in the relationship, you will not only reinforce positive behavior but you’ll notice more good than bad.

You can get out of your rut of negativity and disconnect and reset.

Share one thing you appreciate and the reason you appreciate it.

Preferably have your spouse mirror back.

This one couples therapy exercise will provide you with huge impact if you can stick to doing it as frequently as possible. There are so many benefits to it- not only will it impact your marriage but also help you to become a more positive and appreciative person which will only bring good into your life!

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