Answering More Questions and Couples Frustrations, Walking together | Day 9 of Covid Quarantine with Family

Never would I have thought I would appreciate a walk around the block with Shlomo as much as I did yesterday.

The skies were blue, the trees have started blooming and blossoming, it’s almost like nature has no idea of the chaos that’s going on in people’s homes!

Something that is creating a lot of frustration for people in their homes is when one spouse isn’t taking the social distancing, hygiene, and quarantine restrictions carefully enough.

When your spouse isn’t following the quarantine rules

We received some questions sent from our followers about what one can and should do if their partner is not taking the quarantine and handwashing guidelines seriously. Because this virus isn’t a joke, unfortunately, it is really important to do something that will get you both on the same page. Because the contagion of the virus is undeniable.

Watch the following video to see our answer:

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Send us your questions

If you’ve got unique frustrations going on in your own home, feel free to message us so that we can answer your questions too.

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Shlomo & Rivka Slatkin

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