Lazy Sunday, Wedding Guests on Zoom | 7th Day of Family Covid Quarantine

How much laziness can one enjoy? Apparently it’s never too much for some 🙂 Truly I didn’t want any semblance of a schedule for Sunday in quarantine. We baked and had a movie day. I rarely let the kids watch movies and they were able to choose two for today.

Preparing for another week of Quarantine

I think I was fine with total laziness because I knew that we are all gearing up for another week of quarantine in which I would have to be totally attentive and prepared for the kids’ productivity and schedule for the week.

Grandparent Drive-By

Shlomo’s parents are used to taking care of the kids all day Sunday and love seeing us. They decided to do a “drive-by”. They dropped off a laundry basket filled with movies, arts and crafts, and wine and beer for the adults 🙂 They instructed us to look out the window, wait until we saw that their care package had been dropped off at the doorstep and then once they got back into their car all the kids could come outside and wave to them, ensuring a 10-foot distance.

It was great to see them! Love wins <3

Wedding Guest on Zoom

One of our friends had been planning her wedding for months and months, selecting everything that she wanted so her dream day was perfect. The virus hit and everything she worked so hard for needed to change. Her guests ended up watching her wedding on Zoom and it was beautiful to be a part of it.

We submitted some wedding blessings and greetings in a video that her videographer made before the wedding and I truly hope that she was happy with how everything turned out. So hard not to be let down in that situation. She looked beautiful in her dress with her flowers under the outdoor wedding Chuppah that was built in a vineyard. Everyone worked hard to help her feel happy on her special day!

Thinking of you,


Shlomo & Rivka Slatkin

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