March 16, 2020

Our quarantine officially started yesterday, on Monday, March 16, 2020. We had actually quarantined ourselves voluntarily starting the previous Thursday because it seemed that we were sick with various flu, allergies, and colds. So this isn’t really day 1 and it feels like we’ve already been quarantined for a week!

Managing Kids’ Schedules Under Quarantine

I worked hard to plan a schedule for the kids with ideas for activities, live streams, and educational videos. I spent hours researching what learning websites are now free and what the kids could entertain themselves with as I didn’t want to be unprepared for them, resulting in hours and hours of screen time which I don’t like.

The kids were also inspired to create a “school” where they would educate each other.

We All Feel Coronavirus Stress (Kids Too)

The results? I ended up feeling like an event coordinator and activity planner all day, stressing myself out and feeling unsupported by Shlomo, who is much more chilled when it comes to the kids being entertained.

I got upset with him and then realized that my upset was really a result of my own internal pressures and unspoken ideas of what I had in mind for the whole family. Note to self – he is not a mind reader 🙂

The kids also must have felt the pressure of the “homeschool” because they ended up yelling and criticizing each other when one of them wasn’t listening to the “teacher”.

The principal (that is me apparently) even got sent home 3 notes from the “teacher” 🙂



Embracing Grocery Delivery & Catching Up

As far as home preparedness, thank goodness for grocery delivery services. We spent a lot of money to order groceries and have them delivered. We are definitely not going anywhere.

Whenever the world slows down or business gets slow, I like to go over tasks that I don’t normally have time to do. That means organizing papers, finances, communications that tend to not be as high of a priority.

I like to also think of “emotional debts” that are still outstanding- people I haven’t communicated with recently or an awkward exchange with someone that needs forgiving.

Finding Balance and Peace through Meditation

During this time of the pandemic, I feel it’s a good time to clean the house. Not only physically but emotionally. In addition to the physical spring cleaning that I am now participating in, I’m taking a look at doing some emotional spring cleaning as well.

The way I’m doing that is through meditation.

Meditation is something I’ve noticed some of the most successful people out doing to help cope with the fear and uncertainty of this virus.

As all of us are being affected by Corona, physically, spiritually, financially, socially, and emotionally, I find that meditation is a good idea to clear our minds and our hearts.

Our Quarantine Meditation Program

Because I am someone that likes to be busy and creative, I put together a special free online meditation program that offers meditations for two on relationships (which are very hard to find!) and meditations for individuals. It’s basically meditation for one person or for two. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel to get notified when we publish another coronavirus meditation program video.

Shlomo and I try to do meditations together once the kids are in bed before we go to sleep.

It makes a huge difference in how we start our day the next morning and helps improve our connection.

Especially after a frustrating day of unmet expectations, internal pressures, and overall disorganization!

Tomorrow will be better 🙂

Thinking of all of you,



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