Relationship Quiz -- Why You Do the Things You Do in Relationships

Lots of people are looking to take a relationship quiz so that way they can understand more about if they are well matched with their partner, or what kind of person they will end up marrying, or if their relationship is meant to be or not.

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The following relationship quiz is a very important one as it goes right to the core of effective communication and removes the barriers to communication by helping you understand why you react the way you do in times of stress!

This is the best personality quiz that you could take! If you’re looking more for relationship quizzes about whether or not you should stay in your relationship due to experiencing relationship problems, you can take a divorce quiz here.

Are you a turtle or a hailstorm?

The following quiz is designed to help you learn more about yourself and how you typically protect yourself when you are under stress. The purpose is to foster a greater awareness so that you can act from a more conscious place. Place a plus or a minus by the behavior that applies to you most often.

If you haven’t yet read the Turtle and Hailstorm story, you can do so here.

Turtles (minimizing)

When I get upset I tend to…

• feel tight inside and do not verbalize my emotions.

• adopt an “I’ll take care of myself/I don’t need anyone” attitude.

• not be able to tell my partner why I’m upset.

• express very few if any needs.

• exclude others from my personal space.

• withhold my feelings, thoughts, and behaviors.

• figure things out by myself.

• feel safer alone or in situations that are not intense.

Hailstorms (maximizing)

When I get upset I tend to…

• express my feelings with a lot of energy.

• turn to others and talk to them about what I am going through.

• tell my partner all about my upset.

• need others around when I am upset and am very open with my feelings.

• express my needs verbally and try to get my partner to hear and to respond.

• feel responsible for making the relationship work and getting my partner to open up and talk.

• be excessively generous.

• get others’ input about what I should be doing to handle the situation.

Now, complete this sentence: “When I get upset, I tend to become like a (Turtle) (Hailstorm) (depending on which got more plus marks in the above chart) to hide my fear of/that…”

Write what fear you think your habitual response is hiding. (The fear may not be apparent.) For example, you could write: “being unimportant,” “that you don’t love me,” “that you will leave me,” “that you will control me,” “that you will smother me,” “that you will reject me.”

Interesting, right?

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