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Rekindle the love in your relationship at a tropical couples therapy retreat in Costa Rica at Hotel Bosque del Mar resort. The Marriage Restoration Project uses imago therapy marriage counseling in these immersive retreats, but there are plenty of breaks to enjoy the beach together. Now booking reservations through 2025.  ONLY OPEN TO 14 COUPLES SO BOOK NOW!!

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If you choose to pay a deposit now, your credit card will be automatically charged the remaining balance 30 days prior to the retreat start date.


Costa Rica Couples Therapy Retreats

Marriage requires maintenance. Our immersive marriage counseling retreats are taken to a whole new level when they’re hosted by our clinicians in the beautiful paradise of Costa Rica. Book a tropical getaway to Guanacaste, Costa Rica for couples’ imago therapy AND romance in the Caribbean. The Marriage Restoration Project uses imago therapy marriage counseling in these immersive retreats, but there are plenty of breaks to enjoy the beach together. Book an all-inclusive couples retreat now! Just pay the deposit and the remaining balance won’t be billed until 30 days before your getaway!

Availability is First Come First Serve and Will Close at 14 Couples!

Get ready to bring your relationship to a whole new level. The imago method teaches couples to communicate effectively, truly listen to one another, and improve their appreciation for one another so you can bring back the love you remember. You can also add a few extra days to your stay after the retreat for a truly romantic couples getaway in beautiful Costa Rica.


Book Upcoming Relationship Therapy Retreats in Costa Rica

Tropical Getaway + Imago Marriage Counseling

Our couples retreats are not all sunshine and sand. Our five-day marriage retreats include imago relationship therapy to deepen your relationship. If you and your spouse haven’t been getting along, you’ve done therapy before and are backsliding, or you just know you need to work on your marriage, this retreat is right for you. Combining the volcanic beauty and saltwater vacation destination of Costa Rica and intermittent imago couples therapy, we help you navigate recurring issues in your marriage like money fights, communication problems, cheating, and parenting disputes.

It’s okay for couples to disagree. In fact, that is completely normal. What’s not alright is constant negativity, blame, shame, and disconnect that comes as a result of not knowing how to communicate your differences. Want to learn more about the accommodations, retreat itinerary, or Guanacaste, Costa Rica? Continue reading to learn more.

What’s Included in the Level One Getting the Love You Want™ Schedule:

  • 5 Days/4 Nights at Hotel Bosque del Mar Resort in Costa Rica
  • All meals and beverages (excludes alcohol and snacks)
  • All taxes and gratuities
  • 3 Days of Couples Educational Workshop, Workbook and all materials
  • Airport transportation
  • Optional Excursion: ATV tour, Zipline in the Rainforest, Tour of Celeste Waterfall!

Itinerary for the Following Costa Rica Retreats

  • (Level 1) April 30 to May 4, 2025
  • (Level 2) May 4 to 7, 2025

Day 1: Welcome

4:00 PM – Welcome Meeting and Introductions
Housekeeping Items

Introduction to Imago- “Identification of the Relationship stages” – Explore the secret agenda of relationships and “diagnose” which stage of relationship you are in and how that is currently affecting your relationship and what to do about it.

5:00 PM – Group Dinner

7:00 PM – Discussion:  “Personal relationship history” – Explore your personal relationship history through written exercises that will open up your eyes to your relationship stumbling blocks.

9:00 PM Departure

Day 2: “Restoring Hope” – 6 Hours to Open up your Eyes to the Realization that your Marriage has the Potential to be Different”

8:00 AM – Discuss the day over coffee

9:30 AM – Understand the importance of appreciations. Name and celebrate your life long impulses for connection. Learn the 5 Principles on which to build your relationship

10:30 AM – Discover how your past impacts the present. A “conversation” with your parents about old unresolved hurts

12:00 PM – Lunch

3:00 PM – Learning even more ways of understanding your experiences with your Partner.

4:30 PM – Crossing the Bridge: A new way of talking with your Partner.

5:30 PM – “Why you chose your spouse” – Learn about the missing parts of yourself and know how to reclaim them.

6:00 PM – Learn what happened to those romantic days and how to bring them back.

6:30 PM – Learn one more way to be connected.

7:00 PM – Departure

Day 3: “Hope becomes Reality” – 6 Hours to turn your hope for your new relationship into reality

8:00 AM – Discuss the day over coffee

9:30 AM – Discussion about Exits- When the going gets tough- written workbook exercise

10:30 AM – Transforming Your Frustrations into Request- A comprehensive inventory and exercise a safe way to ask for what you want.

12:30 PM – Shower and Break for the Afternoon:  Time for spa treatments, Relaxation

1:00 PM Lunch

2:30 PM – “Receive the Love that Your Partner is Sending You”

4:00 PM – “Flooding” – Shift the negative energy in a 5-minute process.

5:15 PM – Hi-Energy Fun- Learn how to bring it back.

5:30 PM “Dream Up Your Relationship Vision”– Craft a vision that you can
successfully live out for your new future together.

6:00 PM – Departure

Day 4: Rest Day — Day of Rest for Some; Excursions

Day 5: Take Home Takeaways

8:00 AM – Discuss the day over coffee, Going home…what happens now?

8:30 AM – Make A Plan-
Sharing new awareness and Intentions

9:00 AM Departure


sunset at costa rica marriage retreat resort in Costa Ricavolcanic paradise venue for Costa Rica couples therapy retreat

Additional information


Guanacaste Province, Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica

Hotel Accomodation

Hotel Bosque del Mar, Address: Guanacaste Province, Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica, Phone: +506 2672 0046


Level 1 – April 30 to May 4, 2025, Level 2 – May 4 to 7, 2025


The Marriage Restoration Project


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