Imago Certification Training

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Interested in becoming certified to work with couples as an Imago relationship therapist? Join our upcoming Fall 2024/Winter 2025 Imago online and in-person training!

Imago training gives you the actual tools and practice to become comfortable and adept with any couple that walks into your office, and it also puts you on a spiritual path for your own wholeness and healing in relationship. This truly transformational training increases awareness of your own potential whether in relationship with your clients, your partner and/or the world.

Imago Relationship Therapy (IRT) is an extensive theory and clinical method for helping couples, created by Harville Hendrix, Ph.D., and Helen LaKelly Hunt. IRT effectively combines elements of depth psychology, object relations, systems theory, and humanistic-existential theory into a holistic approach to relationship counseling.

The process to becoming a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist involves completing four modules (training + supervision) and several professional requirements.

The Benefits of Becoming Imago Trained:

Imago gives you a concrete and structured approach for how to manage difficult couples situations that can help you feel confident and competent in your work, simplifying what often seems like an unmanageable mess.

Additionally, there are so many avenues you can take once you become Imago trained. Whether it's just to gain confidence in working with couples, families, siblings, coparents, businesses, executives- (really any population!) - or to make an impact in other ways, you can become part of a worldwide but close knit organization where you can grow as a leader and make a difference in the therapy community with your unique gifts. Harville Hendrix still himself attends Imago's training meetings and conferences and we all grow together in the organization. Sometimes the therapy world can seem overwhelming professionally, and in Imago's self run organization, your input seriously matters.

Perhaps you'd like to run intensives or workshops or even create your own training! So many opportunities within Imago to lead these- you just need to take the first step, the basic training which starts in the Fall!


Core Requirements: 

  • 96 hours of training, typically divided into 4 modules.
  • 6 month program of supervision which prepares for submission of a final clinical video for evaluation.
  • Video Submission (see below)
  • Assist/Attend a Getting the Love You Want Workshop


Upcoming Training Dates:

Module 1: September 15-19, 2024 (in-person in Baltimore so we can kick off together and meet! September 15 & 16 is a Getting the Love You Want™ couples workshop open to the public. Come and bring your spouse to fulfill the training requirements of attending a GTLYW workshop. If you have already attended a GTLYW workshop, you can start the training on September 17th. For those not in a committed relationship, come and observe/assist the GTLYW workshop)

Module 2: November 10-14, 2024 (virtual. For those of you who cannot attend the in-person September 2024 Getting the Love You Want workshop, you can attend it on November 10-11,2024 virtually with your partner or just you. The training begins on November 12-14, 2024)

Module 3: January 20-22, 2025 (virtual)

Module 4: March 17-19, 2025 (virtual)

An optional 2 day couples workshop is added on to Module 1 or 2 (so you can fulfill your requirement of assisting/attending a GTLYW workshop alongside  your training)

** Training days are 10 AM – 6 PM (EST/EDT) and attendance is required at all sessions **



$3,200 - 96 hours of Training
$600 - six monthly consultations - Supervision ($100 each)
$895 - attend a GTLYW Workshop
$195 - final video submission/evaluation
$120 - 96 total Continuing Education Credits (CEUs)

Total Value: $5,010
Your Cost: $4,499 (Payable in 6 monthly installments with with 0% interest)


Certification Process

  • Complete 96 hours of training
  • Complete 6 months of supervision to the satisfaction of your clinical instructor or consultant
  • Submit 3 and 6 month reports to your clinical instructor
  • Assist at a Getting The Love You Want weekend workshop
  • Provide a video of your work for evaluation
  • Complete a signed copy of the certification agreement

*After completing the requirements of the 12 Days of training and the 6-month supervision consultation to the satisfaction of your clinical instructor for 6 months you may apply for Certification.

Video Evaluation

  • Record a video of a clinical session involving the Imago Dialogue and self-evaluate it using the current scoring sheet. Be sure that this video achieves a pass mark of 70%.
  • Ask your Clinical Instructor to provide a note indicating that they agree that the video is at a 70% or above level.
  • Send the video, your evaluation and the note from consultant to the trainer together
  • Your trainer will either provide clear, detailed written feedback to you, or may contact you for a telephone consultation of your video. This consultation will focus on reviewing and providing feedback of your self-assessment.
  • Provided that the trainer agrees that you pass at 70% or above, he/she/they will notify the Imago International Training Institute to issue a Certificate, as long as all other training requirements have been met.
  • If the video is not passed, we recommend that you review the feedback from the evaluator with your consultant/supervisor. Once integrating the feedback, your Clinical Instructor or consultant will support you to submit a second video. If desired, you may request a different evaluator for the second video.
  • Please do not be disheartened if your first submitted video does not pass. We have a culture of learning whereby it is fine to be asked for another video. We want you to receive the best training possible from us, and requiring a certain degree of proficiency in the model takes considerable time to achieve.


Review Process
In the event that the video is not considered by the Assessor to be a passing video, the Assessor will contact the trainee’s Clinical Instructor.

The CI will watch the video. If they agree that it is not a passing video, the Assessor will let the trainee know, and will proceed to give feedback to them. They will email the CI to let them know when this is done.

If the Clinical Instructor thinks it is a passing video, then the trainee will have the option to send it to another faculty member. This will be done anonymously. The Central office will send the DVD to another faculty member. That view will be binding.



  • Participation in a Getting the Love You Want or Keeping the Love You Find Workshop led by a Certified Couples Workshop Presenter® prior to certification.
  • Proof of advanced degree (masters or doctorate degree) in the mental health field (the common degrees are M.A. or M.S. in counseling or psychology, M.S.W. in social work, M.Div. in pastoral counseling, Ph.D. in clinical psychology, M.D. in psychiatry) or enrollment in an advanced degree program.
  • Proof of membership in a recognized professional association. All Imago Therapists must keep their memberships in their professional organization current at all times.
  • License to practice psychotherapy if required by your state or province.
  • Proof of malpractice insurance.


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