If you find yourself thinking “there is no hope for my marriage”, it’s important for you to know that the idea that, “there’s nothing more we can do” and “we’ve tried everything”, and that “some marriages are just doomed to fail” is simply a myth. Here’s hope for your marriage.

More hope for your marriage:

Sometimes couples aren’t willing to invest the time and energy it takes to make the relationship work because there’s a feeling that marriage shouldn’t have to be so hard. And that if it is so hard- then something must be wrong!

Unfortunately though, because we all come with baggage and most of us were not taught the relationship skills necessary for marriage, we MUST put in the effort to make the relationship grow and NOT STOP until we find what works to do just that!

At the same time though, it makes sense that if you feel no hope in your marriage, then why would you want to put in the hard work?

Here’s what you need to know that most marriage counseling advice does not reveal.

There’s an “unconscious agenda” that brought you and your spouse together.

Meaning, there’s a HUGE potential for growth and healing in your relationship, and if you understand this, then you’ll know that the conflict you are experiencing is PROOF that you chose the right partner. This thought will give you hope and motivation to put in the hard work.

When a couple can see what is really going on in their relationship (usually during effective marriage counseling or a private marriage retreat) and understand that there is a greater purpose and healing trying to happen, they finally develop hope. And that hope is so valuable in their own healing and will become the catalyst that will end up motivating them to do the work.

We hold the hope for you and your relationship that it can be better and that it was not for naught that you chose each other. Invest in your relationship and talk with us about our 2 Day Marriage Restoration Retreat. Those 2 days together with us will allow you to take the hope that you have for your marriage and put that hope into real action and change. It’s one thing to talk about it, it’s another thing to actually follow a process that will get you there. Talk with us today about our 2 Day Marriage Restoration Retreat. Your family needs you!

Shlomo & Rivka Slatkin

Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin is an Imago relationship therapist and certified (master level) Imago workshop presenter with over 20 years of experience hosting couples therapy retreats in-person and online. Contact info@themarriagerestorationproject.com or