It’s amazing how a married couple can go from point A to point Z so dramatically in just one married couples retreat.

More inspiration about our marriage retreat:

In my office, I host 2 day couples therapy retreats for the purpose of restoring broken marriages.

I always walk away from our married couples retreat inspired and (sometimes exhausted!), as often there is 20+ years of history that the married couple has together. When the shift from a broken marriage that seems irrepairable happens- and gets to the point that a couple now feels that they have everything that they need to make it work, it’s truly amazing. And the shift always does happen!

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The shift happens by way of the process that I use to counsel couples during the couples retreat which is a very focused and organized combination of my own 5 Step Action Plan along with Imago Therapy.

It’s a structured and safe process that when followed, allows a couple to breakthrough their “stuff” and get out of their quagmire.

They inevitably take away what was missing for them to be able to survive at home.

It also helps that couples get the chance to enjoy a change of scenery as they need to leave their homes to be able to travel for 2 days to Baltimore, MD.

Once couples begin to understand their partner, they are able to make sense of past behavior and often no longer need to harp on past grievances.

When to seek out a couples retreat?

Usually, couples seek out a couples retreat when they are at the point where they need/want to make a decision about their future together.

Perhaps an affair has occurred or another major event that has just thrown the marriage for a loop.

It really doesn’t matter what the reason is for coming in and scheduling a private retreat and benefiting from some intense marriage counseling. It’s going to be beneficial for you both no matter what.

To learn more about our married couples retreat, click here to read some frequently asked questions that couples have before scheduling or please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about the retreat. It’s private, so there won’t be any other couples there and therefore the shift for you can be even more personal and powerful! Talk with us today!


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