Marriage Retreats are a best kept secret because they not only transform your marriage, they transform your life. Here are 5 little-known benefits of marriage retreats that can transform your life.

Marriage Retreats can improve your health- It goes without saying that marital stress can cause great harm to your emotional health. Emotional stress also does damage to your body and reduces life expectancy. By transforming your relationship, and removing a large portion of daily stress, your physical health will also be better

Marriage Retreats can change the way you parent– Many of the ideas and skills you will learn in a Marriage Retreat apply to parenting as well. You will learn how to listen and validate your child, how to control your reactivity, and become aware of how your child may be triggering you. This is immensely valuable in transforming your relationship.

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Marriage Retreats will help you become a more successful person– Marriage Retreats teach personal responsibility and gratitude, two of the most important ingredients in a successful individual. You will learn how to look for what is right with your relationship, and in turn, in the world in general, enabling you to bring about more positive energy in your life. You will also quit blaming others for your problems and take responsibility for yourself and looking for ways to improve and be a better person.

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Marriage Retreats will improve your business– Besides the interpersonal communication skills you will learn in our Marriage Retreats, couples who do not have constant marital stress, are able to be more productive, more creative, and more effective on the job. Instead of your mind being in survival mode, with very little ability to access your individual genius, you will be able to spend more of your time living in a cognitive mode that produces optimal results

Marriage Retreats help heal the past– Much of your marital strife is rooted in childhood. As we seek to resolve long-standing issues in your relationships, we will also visit and heal some of those childhood wounds that are contributing to your daily disturbances. This has a powerful impact in that it not only helps you move forward, it also helps heal old wounds that are interfering from real relationship.

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