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Intimacy Counseling Retreats

Intimacy problems can wreak havoc on relationships, snowballing into resentment, detachment, and in some cases divorce. Here at The Marriage Restoration Project, we counsel couples in struggling relationships that are void of romance, emotional connection, intimacy, and sex (with each other that is). At first, most relationship intimacy issues are subtle, but they can soon manifest as intimacy avoidance, fear of intimacy, and sexual performance anxiety. Intimacy issues often stem from other deep-seated issues like social anxiety, childhood trauma, and abuse that your subconscious creates defense mechanisms to cope with. You can fix your relationship and bring back the romance. We can help you do it with intensive intimacy counseling, sex therapy, sex education, and imago relationship therapy at our retreats. Click the button below to book an intimacy workshop retreat for couples at a location near you or online.



Sometimes intimacy issues come from how we learned to adapt to our environment. Take the Maximizer/Minimizer relationship quiz to see if you’re experiencing this common dynamic!

Are Intimacy Problems Normal in Relationships?

Intimacy problems are common, but they are not healthy for either partner in a relationship and can spell disaster in marriage. The chances of experiencing both physical intimacy and emotional intimacy increase with age. If you or your partner have social anxiety disorder or avoidance personality disorder, you are more likely to develop an intimacy disorder.

Intimacy issues adversely affect the way partners relate to each other both inside and outside of the bedroom, creating additional anxiety, stress, and relationship concerns.

Intimacy disorders can lead to other health ailments including high blood pressure and obesity –not to mention the possibility of a divorce from your life partner. To help address the issues that couples face, we provide a two-day intimacy counseling retreat. Learn more about how to manage such problems with couples imago sex therapy.

Types of Intimacy Disorders

  • Fear of Intimacy (Intimacy Anxiety)
  • Sexual Performance Anxiety
  • Intimacy Avoidance

About Intimacy Problems

Intimacy avoidance and fear are a growing problem that many couples in today’s busy and hyperconnected world face. Intimacy is one of the reasons humans bond and marry. If you can’t be intimate with your partner, you have no one to be intimate with. The first step in fixing sexual relations in your relationship is identifying the real underlying intimacy issues and causes. Let us help you and your partner overcome boundaries preventing you from enjoying healthy intimacy. we start by identifying the issues in your relationship.

This will involve a deep and close analysis by you and your partner. If both people aren’t open to exploring these topics and finding treatment or therapy when needed, then you are all alone in solving intimacy issues. This won’t do and is also why relationships are ending all too soon and too often.

Most Common Problems With Intimacy

The most common intimacy problems that couples face are:

  • Cheating by one or both partners and can be emotionally, sexually, and/or physically
  • Watching TV
  • Hormonal fluctuations
  • Video game addiction
  • Using childcare as an excuse
  • Pornography addiction
  • Work addiction
  • Sex addition
  • Depression
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Pressure to have children
  • Having children
  • Disagreements about sex
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Lack of emotional connection

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why couples simply cannot find or make the time to be fully in tuned in the bedroom. Tack on the fact that partners are more often overworked, too busy with extracurricular activities, have a disproportionate amount of tasks involved around the house. Maybe one partner is determined to handle all of the housework even if the other partner wants to help. Perhaps a partner is left to deal with a newborn all day and has zero energy to provide intimate pleasure to someone else by the end of the day. If you want to fix a sexless marriage you have to start with facing and healing your issues and deepening your emotional connection with one another.

Combining Forces as a Couple

The problem is that both you and your partner need to be open and available to address these issues. Only once you admit there is an issue can you begin the treatment process. The concern in processing issues on your own is that you can do more damage than good. If you and your partner are both sorting through issues, this will only compound your stress and add to the angst if either of you are not a licensed therapy professional. By seeking the treatment services of a professional marriage counselor, you can proactively and benevolently process issues with your partner.

More importantly, by working through these issues with your current partner, you can avoid the circle of repeating these problems with future problems. Simply getting a divorce and moving on to the next husband or wife will not work. You will carry your issues with you as baggage, along with additional issues you’ve now developed as a result of the divorce process. Stop that circle today by getting the help you need.

Choose Imago Marriage Counseling Retreats

At The Marriage Restoration Project, we offer imago marriage counseling also known as imago relationship therapy. This process is available as a two-day intimacy restoration retreat. Our “No Blame, No Shame” couples therapy is a calm and communicative experience. You and your partner are able to stay locally in the Northeast thanks to our multiple locations. Based in Baltimore, Maryland and with locations in NYC , Cleveland, Ohio, and Jersey City, New Jersey, we also travel to couples upon request and based on availability.


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