Let All of Your Relationships Become Healthy Relationships!

healthy relationshipsLet all of your relationships be healthy relationships! Are you an adult child of divorce like Rivka, our co-founder, is?

It’s for children like you that our website was created for. Children that have seen first-hand the effects that divorce can have. Adult children that may need to work extra hard to find and follow the best relationship advice out there, in order to enjoy a successful marriage and to ensure that your love story lasts forever, since you did not grow up in a home where a good marriage was modeled for you.

Imago Relationship Therapy (aka Getting the Love You Want) can help you with effective communication so that you don’t keep fighting.

We use Imago therapy for our own relationship and are so glad to have discovered it so that we can now help couples just like you create healthy relationships and successful marriages.

The Marriage Restoration Project exists to help reduce divorce rates all over the world by spreading effective communication, interpersonal skills, and marriage mastery to others that want the same for themselves and for those around them!

We would love to help you and your community or workplace, or simply work with you 1 on 1. You can participate in Marriage School, travel to us for a 2 Day Marriage Therapy intensive. Do whatever you can do to learn the art of healthy relationships and achieve marriage mastery!

Join us in our mission to lower divorce rates all around the world and reduce the effect that divorce has on children by reading our relationship book. We’d love to help you with your relationship so it is successful and healthy!



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