Long Term Relationship Advice (Based on Science) –

This long term relationship advice is based on science.

It’s so that you can remain alluring to a partner in a long-term relationship, and keep the spark alive, in a way that is backed by science.


Long Term Relationships Need New Neural Pathways

Learning something or having a new experience together builds new neural pathways in the brain and helps foster connection.

By constantly sharing new experiences, whether dating, traveling, or taking a class,  you can keep the spark alive.

long term relationship advice

How hard is it to do?

It is natural for long-term couples to have to work to keep the spark alive.

The initial thrill of relationship always wears off and it is necessary to put in constant effort to keep things fresh.

People are busy, distracted, stressed out.

This, coupled with relationship conflict, necessitates a conscious effort to keep the relationship exciting.

Going out on a weekly date night, traveling, and having fun are all ways to keep things exciting.

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