Imago therapy isn't a lofty idea. It's taking better action.

Imago therapy is all about taking better action so you can have better connection.

It’s not some lofty therapy modality that sounds great but then when you’re actually in the heat of the moment with your spouse you have no idea what to do!

More inspiration about Imago Therapy:

We’re going to be sharing some relationship tip videos that were created by Imago relationship therapy colleagues of ours to help you breakdown larger issues into “bite size” pieces so that you can actually improve upon these marriage challenges!

marriage book


Watch this video on what happens when you act differently than your Core Values and how you can quickly set it right.

Do you see how easy it can be to prevent potential communication mishaps from spiraling out of control and growing into bigger problems?


In our minds, Imago therapy is the best marriage therapy modality out there due to the emphasis it places on the fact that you married the RIGHT person, not the WRONG person.

The focus is on the CONNECTION between you and your spouse, not who did what and who needs to change.

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