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It is normal to experience grief after a divorce or breakup. It is hard ending a long-term relationship. Some of the feelings that arise are sadness, anger or resentment, and guilt. These are all feelings that can come up in the grieving process. While you may be sad that the relationship has ended, you may also feel guilty about ypur role or even angry or resentful at your former partner for the breakup.

Dealing with the grief

If you are experiencing a breakup or divorce, allow yourself to feel what you are feeling and know your feelings are valid.

Talk to a good friend, find a therapist if need be to process your hurt.

Take time off to nurture yourself.

Don’t be hard on yourself. Give yourself all the time you need to recover.

For the future

If you’re motivated to learn more about what went wrong in your relationship and you want to make sure your next relationship is successful, we highly recommend you read Dr. Harville Hendrix’s books Getting the Love You Want and Keeping the Love You Find.

Both of his works talk about why we choose who we choose unconsciously, why we become attracted to them and decide to commit, and why the dream sometimes turns into a nightmare. These brilliant works are amazing resources for you to learn more about yourself and your past relationship baggage.

Let us know if you’d like to even attend a Keeping the Love You Find in person workshop as we are in the processing of schedule one for men and one for women. These workshops are great for singles and are a fun way to become conscious and heal some of those old relationship wounds from past relationships.

You can also schedule a time to speak with us using our calendar link. We’d be happy to give you some clarity and help you get some clarity on the next step in your journey. You can also fill out the form below to connect with us!

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