We’re Social Distancing

Couples, we are here for you and while we’ve been always been working online with couples 1 on 1, we’ve made the decision to #stayathome and bring our famous group couples workshop to you online from the comfort of your home!
We know it’s not easy at home and we are using this time to make sure you now have even more of an opportunity to work on your relationship.
The Getting the Love You Want workshop is based on the amazing work of Dr. Harville Hendrix, founder of Imago Therapy.

After spending two days at the Getting the Love You Want workshop, couples are able to:

  • Regain hope for a stale marriage
  • Reconnect and fall in love again
  • Finally be heard and understood and communicate effectively!
  • Restore their marriage and save their family

Online Availability

Traditionally the Getting the Love You Want workshop is normally a combination of:

  • lecture
  • couples doing written individual work
  • couples moving into pairs with their spouse to do the actual exercises
  • lots of snack breaks
  • and some fun socializing!

We know that the *same healing benefits* of the in-person workshop will be able to be gained at the online Getting the Love You Want retreat via Zoom or Skype — so the same exciting retreat format will take place securely online.

The online couples workshop will be kept to a similar format with lecture, written workbook assignments, videos, breaks, and the couples work that you need to do to recreate connection, establish trust again, and learn how to communicate well so that you both can be deeply heard and understood.

The hours of the next retreat are 1-4 PM and 5:30-9:30 PM EST, Sunday and Monday, May 17 and 18. We chose later hours in the day to accommodate those with younger children at home. Click on the button below to find out more about the benefits of attending a Getting the Love You Want couples workshop.

Jennifer Long

Jennifer Long is a writer, author, and multiple hat wearer with experience across many different industries.