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We needed childcare. The grandparents were away, Rivka’s sisters were out of town, babysitters weren’t available. I was getting desperate, we were scheduled to go present our group marriage retreat, called the Getting the Love You Want Workshop in Brooklyn, NY and I needed coverage for the kids.

Getting desperate, I decided to ask a mother that I didn’t know all too well but sent her kids to the same camp we did if the kids could go home with her for a few hours. She agreed heartily and when I profusely thanked her she said, “We Moms have to help each other”.

Those words in my time of need felt so comforting and reassuring.

It truly takes a village. In your families and in your difficult and most important relationships.

How can we support you in your time of need?

Relationships are hard and sometimes you need help.

Our Group Marriage Retreats Are Deeply Supportive

The group marriage retreat that we have coming up on July 2 and 3, 2023 will also give you the support that you may feel like you’re missing not only through our instruction as marriage counselors but in the healing power of the group atmosphere.

Even though on the first day, no one walks into the room knowing each other, by the end of the second day, the group is connected and the healing that is going on is powerful.

No one even knows why the other is there but through the personal exercises and demonstrations, couples just end up holding the space for each other to heal.

We hope you’ll join us. You can register for the next group marriage retreat here at this link.

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