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I’m Shlomo Slatkin, Founder of Slatkin Communications, a division of The Marriage Restoration Project

Toxic couples and toxic workplaces share the same problems.

Poor Communication
Lack of feeling safe
Shame and blame
Diagnoses run wild
Opposing values

Any others I didn’t mention?

You can’t afford to continue working in an environment that is toxic. But you also can’t just pickup and leave, thinking it will be better somewhere else.

Why’s that?

Because us humans come with baggage! We take that baggage with us into future relationships- be them work relationships or committed relationships.

Whether you’re a founder, CEO, professional, customer, or colleague- you’re going to need to tackle the issues causing the toxic environment at it’s root in order for things to improve there and elsewhere. That starts with some awareness.

Become a Conscious Colleague™

Cleaning out your toxic work environment begins with consciousness.

  • More awareness about relationships.
  • More awareness of how our brains work.
  • More awareness of triggers left over from impactful events.

If you’d like to start enjoying a work environment that is peaceful, productive, connected, and profitable, you’ll want to bring us out to your workplace!

Relationships Matter. We help companies learn how to communicate well.

How we can help your workplace:

Workplace Communication Strategy Consulting for Owners, Managers, & Teams

Workplace Trainings, Workshops & Keynotes

Facilitated Group Meetings

You know that meetings with employees, key stakeholders, management, and board members can often go awry. Emotions can run high especially around topics that are personal triggers for those participating. We can help you run any meeting and teach you how to lead group conversations safely so that you can end with a favorable and rewarding outcome for all present.

Relationship Mediation at Work

Resolve any ongoing uncomfortable conflict in a non threatening, no blame and no shame atmosphere. Devise strategies tailored to your company’s unique needs. Troubleshoot common problems that you may be experiencing with regards to communication, relationships, change, connection, and conflict.

Employee Mental Health

If your employees are experiencing relationship troubles at home, their productivity is limited due to stress. Create the opportunity for your employees to better be equipped to enjoying thriving relationships at home which greatly impacts their ability to be productive at work. This brands you as a company that cares about their employee’s mental health and the benefit to you is an employee that is happier and more focus

Communication Training for CEOs & Leaders

Leadership starts at the top. The way you treat your employees creates a company culture and determines their ability to be productive. We recognize the challenges that come with this great responsibility. You’re passionate about your company and you’re not always sure how to convey that passion in a way that can most easily be received. You need to be a good communicator and may not always know how especially with difficult personalities, turnover, or vast diversity in the workplace. We simplify all of that and give you concrete tools for communication so that your employees are more dedicated and innovative, increasing the bottom line as a result.

Team Building and Communication

For any team to successfully work together, it’s crucial to be able to communicate in the most effective way. In a workplace that consists of many personalities, you won’t always see eye-to-eye or think the same way so it’s imperative that you learn how to use each other’s differences as strengths. Strengthening a team takes thought and we’ve got that built in to our offerings.

Customer Service Training

Your customers want to be validated. Most purchases are emotional. Developing connection with your clients can make all the difference between getting the sale and not.

Customers want to work with people that hear, validate, and empathize with their concerns and questions. 10x your customer retention with these foundational skill sets that we model.

Family Businesses Challenges

Because it’s more than just a business.

Business relationships are complicated enough to maneuver. Throw in family and you’ve got your work cut out for you! Don’t let family dynamics or underlying drama impact your business. Learn to effectively manage your personal life and history with related business partners so you can maximize your cooperation and profits.

How does your workplace rank with regards to healthy relationships and safe communication?

You probably know by now that if communication isn’t working at home or at work, that very important metrics are going to be adversely affected- like hiring, employee retention, profits.

 Good Communication Matters.

Our team can help you foster healthier relationships at work, starting with training in effective communication, consulting with small to large groups of leaders and employees through hands-on demonstrations, so that you can focus on what you do best.

We can help you resolve any ongoing uncomfortable conflict in a non threatening, no blame and no shame atmosphere.

What is The Process of Creating Effective Communication at Work Like?

We strive to create a safe and connected working environment so your business can achieve its maximum potential.

We train businesses on how to learn the most effective communication and employ change in a way that resolves conflict, increases workplace harmony, and promotes productivity.

We believe that when people feel safe, they can best contribute their unique gifts. We aim to create a calm and connected workplace where everyone feels valued and has what to offer.  This increases productivity, worker satisfaction, and customer retention.

Improving Employee Productivity & Retention with Communication Training

  • Eliminate Win/Lose Thinking

Fostering a group atmosphere of sharing and contributing rather than debating to pick a winner doesn’t always come naturally, but is an important step towards creating a healthier corporate culture. Good communication in the workplace matters. Harvard Business Review cites the 2009 Wyatt study that shows that companies that communicate effectively had a 47% higher return to shareholders over a five-year period (mid-2004 to mid-2009). Companies that talk the way employees want to hear, bosses that do a good job listening, and customers that feel validated and understood are the ones will be more valuable than companies that don’t.

  • Assume that all persons are valid and “make sense” before they speak

Anti-thetical to this current age of black/white thinking and divisive politics, knowing that every person comes with their own unique story , that in their world, “they make sense”, whether or not you agree with them, is one of the concepts we impart so that all of your interactions others remain connected and fruitful.

  • Respecting others the way you yourself want to be treated and talked to

No one deserves to be shamed or blamed. This can be hard if you weren’t modeled healthy communication previously in your life. We will show you how so it becomes second nature. You can’t effectively work together if there is discord in the company. If communication flows and is open where people feel like they can share and be heard and understood, everyone benefits. Your employees will want to come to work and find ways to contribute because it’s a pleasant place to be! They will be more creative and productive.

  • Detoxing negativity, generalizations, and “Master talk”

There’s always someone at the office that assumes “everyone” agrees with them. They can have toxic energy and this needs to be nipped in the bud before it spreads to the rest of the team.

  • Validation of others’ point of view

Expressing curiosity, empathy, and validation show another that you truly get them and hear them. These days, employees want to be heard, understood, and valued for a job well done. Good leaders know that, providing a culture of openness and interpersonal relationships will create an environment and culture of trust and the ability to shed dysfunction and the likelihood of people misunderstanding each other, thus providing a true ability to communicate amongst others at every level of the organization. (Journal of Business Studies Quarterly)

Effective Communication Consulting Packages

*Contact us directly to inquire about speaking and keynote presentations

Consulting Package #1:
Healthy Communication Training

Cost: $5,000
  • 3 – 45-60 minute seminars with handouts
  • Q and A Session
  • Group Exercises
  • Class #1: Safety First: De-Stressing to Optimize Brain Performance
  • Class #2: Sender Responsibility & Detoxing Interactions
  • Class #3: Active Listening Training & Navigating Difficult Interchanges

Consulting Package #2:
Healthy Communication Lessons, Demos & Breakout Sessions

Cost: $7,500
  • 3 – 60-90 minute seminars with handouts
  • Q and A Session
  • Group Exercises & Demonstrations (from package #1)
  • Plus: Breakout Sessions for Participants to Practice Implementation
  • Stress Reduction Training to Improve Performance & Creativity
  • Active Listening Instruction
  • How to listen, the 3 step process, troubleshooting difficult interchanges (i.e., with Angry Customers and Co-workers)

Consulting Package #3:
Healthy Communication & Conflict Resolution at Work (Actual resolution of real workplace conflict and challenges between parties)

Cost: $15,000
  • 3 – 60-90 minute seminars with handouts
  • Q and A Session
  • Exercises & Demonstrations
  • Breakout Sessions for Participants to Practice Implementation
  • Stress Reduction Training to Improve Performance & Creativity
  • Active Listening Instruction
  • How to listen, the 3 step process, troubleshooting difficult interchanges (i.e., with Angry Customers and Co-workers)
  • Plus 2 hour long Dialogue sessions where we facilitate the conversation/resolution of real life issues affecting your company between parties experiencing a conflict with each other.

We live in a time of greater potential and greater conflict than ever before in history which is why this training is so vital!


Jeffrey Davidson, Director, CE You! Quality Continuing Education

“For the past five years, he has worked with us to provide training for therapists, in small groups and large presentations. I have witness many times how he has helped professional therapists, gain greater insight and have ‘aha’ moments in how they should be communicating with there clients, colleagues, and even their own family members. He has a great ability to simplify communication and help people find common ground.”

Lara Crandell Garcia, Adapden

“Slatkin Communications were paramount in elevating one of the most critical and often overlooked attributes in our everyday business. By teaching us effective and efficient communication methods; we have seen an immediate positive impact throughout our entire team. Their services are a must have for any business looking to separate from the pack. Highly recommended.”

Rabbi Stephen Baars, @StephenBaarsOfficial, Inspiration, Wisdom, Motivational Speaker, Author
“Rabbi Slatkin is the gold standard for modeling healthy communication”

Because you can’t NOT communicate.

Talk with us about your business’ needs for conflict management and emotionally safe communication. We’re here to provide services that will work for your company whatever your unique needs may be. Don’t hesitate to be in touch even if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for already created here on this page.

“People think that learning how to communicate effectively should be simple. And it is. But only if you know how it all works. Only if you understand people and the dynamics.

We would love to talk with you to learn more about your conference or organization and how we can best work together to accomplish your goals. Please let us know what you’re working on by filling out the form above.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to selecting a speaker for your event.

If you have an audience that needs to hear about communicating with confidence and enjoying more comfortable conversations with coworkers, clients, and customers, in a way that is easy to understand and quick to implement, you’ll find that hiring a relationship expert and marriage therapist specializing in communication makes sense.

After working with thousands of couples over the years and helping to turn their marriages around in two days through the communication process that I teach has always been a passion of mine, and while I’ve always spoken on the topic and been featured in over 50 media outlets, working with clients on effective communication in six continents, I begun to apply these communication processes to businesses and see the same phenomenal results in organizations and corporations.

Join the record breaking numbers of new startups and companies that are consciously starting to realize that they need to hold a lens up to their communication culture to achieve and sustain great success!

Schedule a time to talk with us about your company and need for communication training.