There’s a lot of talk about the Konmari method and how to declutter your life and home. Couples also want to know about how they can de-clutter their relationship and if such a thing exists. We think it’s possible to cut out extraneous relationship clutter and here’s how.

More information on decluttering your life:

How to declutter a relationship

Focus on what is important to your relationship and prioritize. When you do that, you will wind up naturally cutting out some of the extraneous “clutter” in your relationship. For example, if it is important for you to spend alone time together, you will cut out some of the commitments that might make you “too busy”.

Create a vision for your relationship about what you hope to achieve and let that be your “GPS” for your decisions. As you begin to embark on new endeavors personally, or as a couple, you will begin to measure whether these new opportunities comply with your vision. If they don’t, then they may be clutter and they can go!

Additionally, declutter the stories that you tell yourself that are not serving you well. Here’s what we mean by that.

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