Chanukah 2021: 8 Days 8 Lessons

Chanukah 2021: 8 Days, 8 Lessons for a NEW Relationship
Turn Darkness into Light. In the World, In Your Family, In Your Most Important Relationships.

The world can often seem like a very dark place. Relationships can also seem like a very dark place. You want to be a better person. You want transformation. You’d like to reclaim the light that you once felt in your life and in your relationships.

Chanukah is the ideal time to rediscover that light, to rededicate yourself to your relationship, and to transform the darkness into a brighter tomorrow.

Regardless of your faith, you can take the spiritual lessons from Chanukah and enjoy this transformation!

We are here for you to begin your journey towards a brighter, more fulfilling, and illuminating life.

Listen, watch, learn, and apply what you learn from all of the classes posted here. You have access to this course forever, so do come back and refresh your memory and hone your skills, over and over again. We are here for you!

Please contact us if you have any questions about the material that we teach you.

With best wishes for your relationship success, Shlomo and Rivka Slatkin

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Audio Class #1: How Do We Deal With the World Without Falling into a Depression

Slides for Class 1

Audio Class #2: How Does Growth Happen, What Can You Expect, What Does the Process of Growth Look Like?

Slides for Class 2

Audio Class #3: Getting Rid of Bad Habits

Slides for Class 3

Audio Class #4: Living a More Conscious Life: Living Intentionally (not on autopilot!)

Slides for Class 4

Audio Class #5: Illuminating The Darker Side of Your Relationships and the Darker Side of Your Own Self

Slides for Class #5

Audio Class #6- Rededicating Yourself to Your Relationship: Fighting the Invisible Divorce

Slides for Class 6

Audio Class #7: Bringing More Light Into Your Life

Slides for Class 7

Audio Class #8: Achieving Personal Transformation

Slides for Class 8