We Use the Imago Dialogue in our own marriage. It gets us through.

When I work with couples, I help them tone down all of the stress and anxiety they may be experiencing and create an atmosphere of calm with an amazing tool called the Imago Dialogue. The Imago dialogue process is a communication tool that couples learn allows themselves to self-regulate, slow down, and feel safe enough to connect.

More inspiration about using the Imago Dialogue:

Once we calm down with the dialogue, we no longer live in a storm of reactivity. We make proactive choices that are conscious and intentional. We are able to change because we realize the role our own anxiety plays in our relationship to our spouse.

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While it is easy to point fingers and blame and wish that our spouse or children would just comply, coercion does not produce effective results.

When we get in touch with why we are feeling frustrated, our tension levels decrease and we can better deal with the situation.

If you are experiencing relationship problems and would like to learn how to have better interpersonal skills and remove any communication barriers using the Imago Dialogue, contact us to schedule a 2 Day Private Marriage Restoration Retreat. It will be a lifesaver for your marriage and your family.



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