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It’s not easy to find a therapist, much less a couples therapist! That’s due to so many factors!

In this episode, we talk about How to Find the Right Couples Therapist in 3 ways so that you can be sure that the effort you make towards getting real marriage help will actually work for you.

Step 1: Research to Find Experienced, License Couples Therapy Experts

Don’t just look for the therapist that is closest to your zip code and is covered by your insurance! Make sure the therapist actually specializes in working with couples and has advanced training in a couples therapeutic modality. Believe it or not, many therapists work with couples and have no advanced certification to do so!

Step 2: Interview Them

Talk with them, research their training in couples therapy (hint: it should be more than one marriage and family class!) and make sure you resonate with them

Step 3: Explore Alternatives to Weekly Marriage Counseling Sessions

Explore alternatives to couples therapy- a marriage intensive, couples workshop, couples therapy retreat – a short, finite amount of time that is an intervention of sorts can sometimes be much more effective than going to counseling for months on end once a week.

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Your marriage is worth the best help out there- regardless of distance- we are passionate about helping couples get real time help that works no matter what the issues are.

Talk with us about your unique situation and gain the clarity you need to keep going.


With best wishes for your relationship success!

Shlomo and Rivka Slatkin

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