solution to stop divorceIn our latest podcast episode, Shlomo and Rivka talked about the phenomenon of divorce being contagious!

Studies show that there is such a phenomenon as divorce contagion.

When people are in a similar social group and are like-minded, things spread and divorce can be one of them.

Sometimes, divorce contagion happens because it gives us a sense of “permission”- someone didn’t want to be the first person to get divorced but now feels a sense of courage when others around them are getting divorced.

Others may not have thought of divorce as an option, but once their friends are getting divorced, they felt they could too.

When friends around you are getting separated or divorced, it de-stigmatizes divorce because others are doing it.

We talked about protecting your marriage and that it’s not always a good idea to surround yourself with people that may be negatively impacting your marriage, including talking to friends, clergymen, and even individual therapy professionals. (Read this article on How my Therapist Destroyed My Marriage)

We also talked about our upcoming Getting the Love you Want Imago Weekend Marriage Workshops as a wonderful vehicle for strengthening the bond that you share with your partner and falling back in love, no matter what relationship stage you are currently in. The workshop is taking place on November 13-15, 2015 in Baltimore, MD. Call 443-570-7598 to secure your spot today.