We have found that family therapy is an effective way of healing old wounds, opening communication, and reuniting family members. Whether it’s an adult parent and child, in-laws, or siblings, we have been able to help these family members reconnect after years of misunderstandings and estrangement- through structured family therapy.

We create a safe environment where all parties get to share and feel heard and respected and where no one takes sides.

Family members are amazed that they can actually have a civil conversation and even feel understood in a way that they never have before.

Because our style of family therapy focuses on the relationship as opposed to getting caught up in the relationship issues, the healing is remarkably quicker, as we are not getting bogged down and proving who is right or wrong. While there are certainly past hurts on both sides, deep down, each one wants to connect and repair old rifts and move forward peacefully and harmoniously as a family unit.

We help facilitate this transformation through a gentle and guided process, one that is structured and safe, that allows all sides to air grievances in a non-threatening way and achieve new ways of resolving old conflict.

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