“Outbursts are less frequent as a result of reading your book. I’m applying your advice when my spouse is upset.” -Martin

free marriage counselingAs any married person can tell you, marriage isn’t always easy. Even in good marriages, boredom and discontent can set in, kickstarting even the tiniest doubts that they chose the right spouse.
For other couples, it may seem as if the fighting never stops. Those who find themselves simply discouraged, or at their wits end contemplating divorce are invited to be proactive in the fight for their vows by downloading the free Kindle book today.

Written by Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin, best-selling book The Marriage Restoration Project: The Five-Step Action Plan to Saving your Marriage is available for FREE through Friday on Amazon.com. This powerful book explains researched techniques that will help any couple battle their way through life’s most difficult problems.

You’ll learn five steps that can take nearly any marriage from the brink of divorce back to the initial connection that had both partners falling in love.

Your first step toward making your marriage happier is to download and read today.

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