How Couples All Over the World are Transforming their Marriage in 2 Days

Introducing, The Ultimate Private Imago Immersion Experience

A Comprehensive Solution equal to 6 Months of Marriage Counseling

FACT: Imago Therapy is a Game Changer. If you’ve been in marriage counseling before, you know that there’s usually a lot of blaming that goes on behind closed doors during a session.

If you would like to be able to trust that your marriage counselor does not have an agenda of his/her own, will not take sides, will not pass judgment about whether or not you should get divorced, we strongly suggest that you hire an Imago Marriage Therapist.


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In Imago Therapy, it’s all about connection! The couple is the expert on their relationship, that’s why they face each other, instead of the therapist. The therapist facilitates this deep connection.

Why Imago Will Work for You When Other Counseling WON'T

Here’s What We Know to Be True About Relationships:

  • Conflict is growth waiting to happen.
  • Your Relationship is the Expert.
  • If you listen long enough, everyone makes sense.
  • You can be right or you can be in relationship!
  • Resolving each fight without creating a deeper connection will ensure that another fight will come up as it does not address the deeper, underlying issues
  • Fights usually are 90% about what this reminds me of from a painful past experience and only 10% about what your partner is doing in the here and now.

You’ve been researching Imago Therapy, looking for an Imago therapist near you, perhaps looking for a Getting the Love You Want workshop, or even reading Dr. Harville Hendrix’s book, Getting the Love You Want and you’re eager and inspired to begin plugging it into your own marriage! You resonate with the principles of Imago Therapy and you are looking for the MOST impactful experience so that you can transform things right away.

Our Private 2 day Marriage Restoration Retreat is a comprehensive solution to fixing marriage problems.

What Happens During the 2 Day Intensive Retreat:

marriage therapy retreatsMy name is Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin and I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and a Certified Imago Relationships Therapist (Advanced Clinician). For over 10 years I have worked to successfully save countless marriages. My work has been featured on Fox, The Huffington Post and other major news sources.

I’ve put together a tried and true formula for you so that that you can feel optimistic and hopeful again about enjoying a marriage that is respectful, supportive, and healthy. It would be a privilege to work with you and support you in effectively bringing back clarity and love into your relationship.

If you’re experiencing difficulties in your marriage, you NEED to have an intensive experience in order to create a breakthrough for your relationship.

And it is also crucial to have followup to integrate what you’ve learned so that your results will be long lasting- which is what you want!

Unlike a marriage workshop where you participate in a group setting with other couples, the retreat will give the privacy you need to deal with some of the most painful and personal issues you are facing in your relationship.

The Marriage Restoration Retreat is two full days of Imago Therapy, plus 8 followup sessions in person or on Skype, where you will see how Imago theory applies to your unique situation, including why you chose each other, why you are now experiencing conflict, and how the Imago dialogue and other processes can provide you with healthy, supportive tools to unburden your relationship- calmly and comfortably to achieve maximum growth and healing.

Let us share the excitement that we have for Imago Therapy and help you transform your marriage today!

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What Dr. Harville Hendrix, Founder of Imago Relationship Therapy, has to say about Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin, MS, LCPC, Imago Relationship Therapist Advanced Clinician.

Any couple interested in restoring their marriage and sustaining it will be blessed if they follow the logical and clear steps and processes described by Rabbi Slatkin, MS, LCPC in the Marriage Restoration Project.


Harville Hendrix, Ph. D. co-author with Helen LaKelly Hunt of Making Marriage Simple: Ten Truths for Changing the Relationship You Have into the Relationship You Want.

We’d be separated right now if not for Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin. Ten years of marriage, 3 kids under 6, and ongoing arguments about the same issues brought us to a fork in the road. We had a breaking point that started the divorce process. After a week of separation, we agreed to seek counseling. We found a praised relationship counselor, but our meetings with him led to increased resentment, new ways to hate each other, arguing, and the worst feeling either of us have ever had. Counseling failed miserably. I was seeing an independent therapist, who happened to be an Imago certified counselor, and he gave me the book “getting the love you want,” and the text resonated with both of us. After searching for retreats, we found Rabbi Slatkin. My wife was raised Catholic and I was raised without religion. Finding a new point of view was important to both of us. We wanted to truly listen to and seek guidance from a new influence. We live in Michigan and drove to Baltimore for the session. My wife and I found what we were looking for! We found each other in the deepest way possible. No arguments. No resentment. We felt like we started a second marriage or graduated from “marriage college”.  We are eager to recommend the Imago process, and Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin, to any couple. Especially those seeking restoration of their marriage, a deeper connection, or couples who need to “find each other” again.

Tracy & Fred, Michigan *

*Individual Results May Vary.


By the time you finish reading this, another marriage will end in divorce. Good news, you can do something about it!


*Individual Results May Vary