2 Day Marriage Restoration Retreat




Q: What are Marriage Turnaround retreats?

A: Marriage therapy retreats are 2 days that we (Rabbi Slatkin) spend working one-on-one with you and your spouse.

Q: Where do they take place?

A: They take place on Skype or at a private location in Baltimore.

Q: How long are the days?

A: Each day consists of 6 hours of therapy, with an hour lunch break.

Q: Has the Marriage Turnaround been successful for marriage problems such as infidelity, loss of love, family problems, anger, marriage counseling that hasn’t worked before?

A: We’ve seen even the worst of marriages begin to heal after the 2 days of working together intensely.

Q: Do we need to be familiar with The Marriage Restoration Project Program?

A: Just come with an open mind. We provide all the materials for you that we think will be most helpful to you and your spouse.

Q: When are the Marriage Turnaround Retreats scheduled?

A: Because our retreats are private, and do not include other couples, we schedule them on 2 consecutive days that are mutually agreed upon.

Q: Where can we stay in Baltimore?

A: We work with 2 of the best bed and breakfasts in the area and they offer a reduced rate for our couples coming into Baltimore special for our couples.


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