What the clergyman can do to help your couples – a Special Report

What You Can Do to Help Your Couples- A Special Report for the Rabbi or Clergyman

What you didn’t learn in Rabbinical school or in your clergyman training.

Although you may have had a lecture or even a course in counseling, you probably were not prepared for the pastoral role of the Rabbinate. If many therapists won’t even work with couples because it is too difficult, how does that bode for you?

Couples work is the most difficult form of counseling. In fact, a private therapist that I know once mentioned to me that he hates working with couples because he gets wrapped up in their stories and arguments. That’s coming from a highly trained professional! How much more so this would be true for the clergyman that has no degree in marriage counseling!

Being a Rabbi, I’m especially sensitive to the job that a clergyman has to do. You’re a public servant and the daily commitments you have to your clergy are many and sometimes extend past the 24 hours that are in a day!

I’ve written this report for you privately, with that extra sensitivity in mind.

clergymanIn this special report for clergy, What You Can Do to Help Your Couples, you will learn some of the concepts and techniques for helping couples as well as the unique role you can play as a Rabbi in creating more peace in the home. Sign up below to receive your free course.

This Special Report – “What You Can Do to Help Your Couples” is only available to the clergyman.

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