Register for our upcoming Marriage Therapy Retreat by this Friday and we’ll give you a free night at the Marriott!

Give us 1 weekend and we’ll give you back an incredible marriage!

We are so confident about what our upcoming Getting the Love you Want weekend workshop on February 5-7, 2016 can do for your relationship that we are willing to give you a FREE night stay at the Marriott in Towson!

When is the Workshop and what are the details again?

We are conducting the Getting the Love you Want Weekend Workshop this February 5-7th at the Towson Marriott, 10 W Burke Avenue, Towson, MD 21204.

What is the cost of the workshop?

The cost of the weekend workshop is less than the cost of long-term therapy. The total cost of a weekend workshop is $795 (payable over 6 month installments via Paypal of less than $150/mo). The equivalent cost of weekly or bi-weekly therapy sessions could easily exceed ten times that much.

Where do we stay?

The special group rate to lodge at the Marriott is $149 per night. Here is the link to book your room at our rate:

How do we RSVP for the workshop?

You can secure your spot for you and your spouse here at this reservation link:

What will we actually DO at the workshop?

Forget boring lectures, formal settings, awkward interactions, and gimmicky exercises that only lead to embarrassment, frustration and rolling eyes. You’ll learn practical skills and tools gleaned from the 30+ years experience that our Baltimore workshop leaders, David and Donna Bowman have combined.

Why should you attend?

Weekend workshops can help to get at the heart of the matter, regardless of your relationship status–engaged, married, couples living apart, separated, facing divorce, considering reconciliation and simply “it’s complicated.”